Customized facial (included collagen cold …

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• Lash refill prices are based on 3 week periods…

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Highly recommended for mature skin or those…

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Energy Healing Therapy can help you release residue from past traumas : physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Although these energies originate in the mind, they can get stuck in your emotions and body.

Why is this a problem? Because these negative energies:

  • Are what cause disease as well as mental, physical, or emotional breakdowns.
  • Attract even more negativity into your life.
  •  Whatever vibration you radiate attracts more of the same. This is still true whether       you’re aware of the negative energy you hold or not.
  • It will attract and recreate sets of circumstances similar to the original trauma over and over again.
  • Cause you to resist love, joy, abundance, creativity, your own aliveness.

These negative energies form the limits of your life.

When you  release the energy of trauma with  ENERGY HEALING THERAPY you force yourself  to  leap past your limits!

Expanding and healing your Auric Field , you can release these energies, thereby liberating and healing yourselve. This allows you to be more fully who you really are ; vibrant, aware, intelligent, loving, creative and  joyous being !

One hour seccion……$ 280,00.
Promotional opening price…….$ 100,00


Acupunture is a form of Chinese medicine that has been practiced for centuries. It’s based on the theory that energy, called chi . The chi flows through and around your body along pathways called meridians.

We  believe that illness occurs when something blocks or unbalances your chi. Acupuncture is a way to unblock or influence chi and help it flow back into balance.

Acupuncture is done by putting very thin needles into your skin at certain points on your body. This is done to influence the energy flow. Deppending of pattient needs we can use  Cupping therapy, Moxibustion , or mild electrical current .

We  will take all the information about your chief complain and all your medical history.Then we will make a diagnosis and the best treatment plan for you. After that you lying in the table

In a very confortable invironment when the acunpucture treatment will start.

Acupunture is for: pain management,Upper and Lower back, Neck and shoulders,Arthritis, Headache, Ginecological disorders, Infertility Weight loss and more..


What is Biomagnetic Therapy?


Biomagnetic  therapy is an  alternative form of healing that has been in existence for over many centuries.The complexity of the energy process that governs our metabolism surpasses understanding , but we do know that our sensory organs function on very little energy.There is simply no state of health or illness without the participation of electromagnetic current in our cells.

Since every electromagnetic current potential a carrier of information , it is also possible for bioenergetic intelligence to be transmitted from the enviorment to the organism. This exchange of information is taking place within our bodies.

The human body maintains health when their internal ph or acidity is range near of the neutrality values of 7. However, when there is a virus, bacteria ,toxic fungus, trauma , etc…(due to the “Moritification” of the affected tissue ) an alteration of its acidity or ph occurs and the cells involved are altered in there normal functions , the disease appears. When the ionic alteration is corrected, the problem goes away as it returns to equilibrium. Biomagnetism makes use of positive and negative polarity. It impacts a similar disease burden and makes them inverse the polarity until zero value, and return the body to normal health balance.

What is the purpose of Biomagnetic Therapy?

The purpose of biomagnetic healing is to relieve pain and discomfort in your  body. Magnets can reduce inflammation, stress, can balance your ph, improve circulation, help the body ward off invaders( such as viruses, bacteria and fungi),correct central nervous system disorders, enhance energy supply, quicken healing, increase athletic endurance and performance, and positively influence conditions such as aging, losing weight, acne, hormonal balance, depression, foot fungus, herpes, joint pain and many other unbalanced .

Biomagnetic therapy is a non-invasive form of treatment 100% natural. It has the highest success rate. It is used by famous stars and athletes, it is convenient and comfortable and has full satisfaction. This therapy should be treated like most any other form of medicine. It is NOT a replacement for standard medical treatment but, it is an option, an alternative.

Also, during the section we can use different techniques to aline your chakras, for your emotional balance, and harmony your energetic field.



• Lash refill prices are based on 3 week periods between sessions
• Prices will vary for refills 4 or more weeks between sessions

Silk full set (black or brown) $149
Silk refill paid in advance $61


European Deep pore cleansing (included collagen cold mask)  $99
Facial with treatment (collagen ,Elastine ,vitamine C or Hiluronic Acid depending of your skin needs) $120
Add face, neck or brest cold Collagen mask for  $25


Highly recommended for mature skin or those lackting nutrition Deep repairing ,Reaffirming and mousturising treatment with french line products
Collagen,vitamine C,hiluronic Acid (depending of your skin needs) Included BI- Phase Soya mask formula is based on soys extract ,bilberry and seaweed Extracts, combine 2 mask in one a specific mask for the eyes area and other for face  And neck, Intence nutrition and skin regenerative effects ,include hot stone and cristal theraphy to open and equilibrate your chakras ….. $250

Special promotion 3 treatments….. $649

Recommended for skin lackting vitality and tone Special treatment with french line products (collagen ,vitamine C or hialuronic Acid depending of your skin needs) , the formula is base on 24 karat gold dust,minerals and seaweed extract giving firming effect and reinforce skin structure.Include hot stone and cristal theraphy to open and equilibrate your chakras….$199

Special promotion 3 treatments….$537

Highly recommended for skin with flaccidity signs and lack of firmness
Firming and Stimulating boost treatment base on kiwi extract ,poppy seeds extracts providing an intese supply of vitamins reacting collagen and elastin production, the colling sensation has a tensing effect on facial muscles and improved facial contour . All skin types…….$189

Special promotion 3 treatments……$520

Recommended for dehydrated skins
Super boost treatment depending of your sking needs, formula based on seweed extract ,include glucose that enhances the mousturising effect of seaweed, restoring and balance the natural skin texture.For all skin types…..$189

Special promotion : 3 treatments ……$520

Recommended for mixed and oily skin types ,open pore and acne Formula is based on diatomaceous earth and seaweed extract , detoxifing and intense moisturising treatment giving muscle tone with purifing properties ….$189

Special promotio : 3 treatments …..$520

With nutrition boost treatment ,included cold collagen mask ….$199


With MANNA intensive nutrition treatment plus cold mask with linseed ,aloe vera and seaweed extract prepared just for you, has a soothing an emolient effects …..$250

Intense cellulite tratment for : flaccid, edematous or compact: Package of 10 treatments ( 5 cavitation sessions and 5 RF session plus sculping body protocol )
Eliminate cellulite,reduce strech marks, increace skin elasticity,weight lost , burn fat , skin tightening and circulation . Results in a few weeks     $350

Special opening discount 10 session ……$600


The Herbal Poltice is a deep medicinal muscle tratment that date s back 14th century Thailand. The heat combine with organic herbs are absorb by the skin and help to reduce aches and pain , stimulate circulation ,increase limphatic drainage, detox and smooth the skin.

CALMING HERBAL POULTICE (calming and balancing)
Sweet basil, vetiver & pikul flower that relax mind ,Thai ginger and camphor  ….$155

Special price for 4 session ….$460

Native American herbs for detox and healing, indigo leaf and yaa nang from tropical forest ,cinamon and camphor ….$155

Special price for 4 session ….$465

Feels kings pleasure with organic body oil and hot stone teraphy …..$125

Special price for 4 session ….$399

botanical extracts and esential oil to detox and relax your body        $100

Deep Tissue     $145

Infrared sauna blanket (for reduction , shapping and body slim) $30
Ionic foot detox $30
Vaginal herbal steam detox $30
Body vibration plate $25
Frecuency healing therapy $40

Infrared sauna blanquet, body vibration plate, foot ionic detox OR vaginal herbal detox and frequency healing therapy ….$60

8 Session …..$336

One hour supper body detox and energy balancing package plus one hour indigo medicinal herbal massage $160

One hour supper body detox and energy balance package Infrared sauna blanket, body Vibration plate, foot ionic detox or vaginal herbal detox plus acupuncture $110

Brows $25
Upper Lip $15
Chin $10
Lip & Chin $18
Side $15
Brows $20
Upper Lip $15
Chin $5

Lip & Chin $20
Sides $10
Nose $10
Ears $12
Full face $49
Neck $10
Arms (half) $28 for him $30
Arms (full) $34 for him $38
Bikini Line $28
Bikini Full  $38
Bikini Brazilian $79

Legs (lower) $32
Legs (upper) $34
Legs (full) $60 for him $68
Toes $10
Underarms $16
Back full $56
Back lower $15
Chest full $28
Stomach $28
Eyebrows design $30


Is a magnet theraphy to equilibrate body ph killing germs and phatogens recovering physical natural balance ,unblock emotional or spiritual problems you can help , skin problems , herpes, diabetes,high blood pressure ect ….$80

Package 6 sessions ….$300

This theraphy can help you release residue from past traumas physical ,mental,emotional and spiritual.Althoug these energies originate in the mind, they can get stuck in your emotions and body  ….$280

Special openning price ….$100

Package 6 sessions $360

Package 3 sessions $180

Each soul, jiva,atma or entity recorded every moment of existence in a “ book” If you tune yourself properly you can access that “book” ….$200

Learn how to clean your energetic body with simple exercises,improving memory, inner peace, better relationship,health, sleep better and much more benefits ,come to joing us every Saturdays 8:00 pm  Free